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Rely on Us to Handle Criminal or Dependency Cases


Criminal Matters

Mr. Gourjian has experience in all areas of criminal law, ranging from traffic cases to homicide.  

And what we mean by experience, we mean trials.  Any attorney can “handle” cases (i.e. plea), but an aggressive attorney knows how to try their cases.  And that’s where Mr. Gourjian experience as a trial attorney comes into play for his clients.  Although not all cases end up in trial, but having an aggressive attorney, an accused has a much better chance of getting a better plea offer than having an attorney who merely “handles” cases.

Mr. Gourjian’s is able to defend his clients against any and all types of criminal charges in Fort Myers, Naples and the entire 20th Judicial Circuit, which includes Charlotte, Lee Collier, Hendry and Glades Counties.  The type of crimes that Mr. Gourjian are but not limited to:

  • Homicide (murder, manslaughter, negligent or accidental killing)
  • Drug crimes (possession, sales, or trafficking of drugs)
  • Burglaries (dwellings, cars, businesses, etc)
  • Theft (petit thefts, retail thefts or grand thefts)
  • Sex crimes (child molestation, rape, or possession of child porn)
  • Arson
  • Domestic violence
  • Child abuse or child neglect
  • White collared crime (economic crimes)
  • Weapon charges (possession of a firearm by a felon)
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Assault and battery charges
  • Stalking and electronic crimes
  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Obstruction of justice/resisting

In addition to traditional criminal defense representation, the attorneys also help clients with a variety of corollary matters related to criminal charges:

  • Violations of probation (VOP)
  • Early termination of probation
  • Sealing records and expungement
  • Setting aside warrants
  • Setting aside convictions

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In addition to his trial experience in criminal court, Mr. Gourjian has also similar experience in Dependency court.  When the Department of Children and Families (DCF) files a petition (i.e. a complaint) against you stating that you have not being taking care or providing for your child(ren), then you need an experienced trial attorney to manage your case.  Otherwise you may loose your child(ren).

DCF gets involved when they accuse you of:

  • Abusing, abandoning, or neglecting your children
  • Your substance (drug) abuse is negatively affecting your children
  • You have been sexual exploiting your children
  • Medical neglect of your children

If a petition has been filed against you, then you will most likely be required to do a Case Plan. A Case Plane describes and identifies problem that DCF thinks that you need to correct in order for you to reunited with your child(ren).  If you fail to complete the Case Plan, then DCF will file a petition to terminate your parental rights, commonly called TPR (termination of parental rights).

Mr. Gourjian has experience in TPR trials.  As an experience trial attorney, Mr. Gourjian can best represent you in a TPR trial so that DCF does not take your children away from you.  In these types of cases, it pays to have an experienced trial attorney on your side fighting for you.