About Me


Meet Our Experienced and Dedicated Attorney

Attorney Sebouh Gourjian graduated from California State University - Northridge in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and a minor in Geography. Prior to entering into law school, Mr. Gourjian has worked in automotive repair, retail management and transportation management.

In 2000, Mr. Gourjian graduated from Florida State University Law School with a Book Award. He initially worked at private defense firm (Law Firm of Daniel Ciener) and in June 2003 Mr. Gourjian was employed by the Lee County State Attorney's Office until April 2005.  While at the State Attorney's Office, Mr. Gourjian handled hundreds of cases and conducted numerous jury trials and learned the inner working of the courthouse and prosecutor's office, which gave him insight on how to properly handle cases.

After leaving the State Attorney's Office, Mr. Gourjian began his career as a criminal defense attorney and was able to establish his law firm in Naples, Florida.  Mr. Gourjian has tried a wide array of cases, ranging from DUI to homicide, to termination of parental rights, to landlord evictions.  He has also tried civil cases, both in circuit and county court levels.  He has not only tried cases against the State Attorney’s Office, but also against the State-Wide Prosecutor's Office, the Department of Children and Families, and even the Collier County Board of Commissioners (CCBC) for their enactment of the red light camera ordinance as unconstitutional. The red-light ordinance was eventually repealed.  By being a former prosecutor, Mr. Gourjian has insight on how the State opponents think that gives him an edge on their strategies.

Mr. Gourjian does not believe in having his clients speak to a secretary or an associate for information and going-on about their case and likes to communicate with his clients directly. Mr. Gourjian is always available to his clients via his cell phone and understands the importance of clients’ assessment to him.