*The following are verdicts and dispositions from some of our cases.  They no way to imply that your case will have the same or similar results/outcome. All cases are unique with different facts and evidence.

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Client was involved in two homicide with five other individuals. Before being arrested, client contacted Mr. Gourjian. Negotiations and arrangements were made with State Attorney’s Office and Sheriff’s Office before turning himself in. Client was only charged as an Accessory. Defendant $100K bond was reduced to $5K. Client pled before arraignment and reduced client’s sentence to 2½ years.



Criminal Matters Crimes are classified either as misdemeanors or felonies.  A misdemeanor is a crime that the maximum punishment (incarceration) is less than one year, i.e. 364 days.  A felony is a crime punishable (incarceration) by one year or more.  Misdemeanors are handled in County courts, and felonies are handled in Circuit courts.  With our extensive experience in handling numerous cases, we are able all types of cases, both misdemeanors and felonies.  Mr. Gourjian has handled (and tried) cases ranging from DUIs to homicide.  Some cases require the filing of motions (i.e. to suppress evidence illegally seized, or dismiss the charges), or have the attorney conduct depositions on witnesses, or analyze the crime scene.  And having an attorney that knows how to conduct such matters is an important asset for someone who has been accused of a crime.

Our Professional Services

Violation of Probation Many times, an individual is placed on probation as part their plea bargain. Probation is offered in lieu of jail time and it is an instrument used by the courts to maintained jurisdiction (watch over) on the individual.  Certain conditions, such as completing drug treatment programs, curfew, or performing certain number of community service hours are required.  From time to time, individuals violation these conditions, sometimes unintentionally.  As they are not criminal in nature (i.e. they are contempt of court hearings), the burden of proof for the State to prove a violation of a condition is much easier than a criminal case. The Law Offices of Sebouh Gourjian has handled numerous violations of probation matters and it is why its very important to have an attorney who knows how to handle  violation of probation matters.  

Injunctions Injunctions are orders from a court directed either a party or parties to stay away from each other.  This includes no direct contact, such as face to face communications, phone calls or texting, as well as no indirect contact, like a third party (friend) relaying messages.  The parties typically include a petitioner (the one seeking the injunction/protection) and a respondent (the one being asked to stay away from the petitioner).  From time to time, parties violate the court order requiring parties to stay away from each other.  Also, a party may wish to change to terminate the injunction or have a condition modified.  The Law Offices of Sebouh Gourjian handles both initial injunction hearing as well as modification, termination or violations of the injunction.  Mr. Gourjian has represented both petitions and respondents in these matters and has expensive knowledge on the inner workings of injunction court.  

Traffic Ticket Traffic tickets come in three varieties: Moving violations, non-moving violations and pedestrian violations.  Moving violations are those traffic violation where a person was driving a vehicle and their driving is at issue.  Such violations are speeding, failing to move over for an emergency vehicle, failing to come to a complete stop sign, etc.  Nonmoving violation are violation where the movement of the vehicle is at issue and include  improper window tints, non-working lights, etc.  Pedestrian violations include improperly crossing a roadway, etc.  The Law Offices of Sebouh Gourjian handles all types traffic code violations and appeals.  In fact Mr. Gourjian appealed his own traffic violation in Collier that was caught on tape and won his appeal. Eventually the red-light camera were taken down in Collier County.  

Expunction/Sealing of Records, Bond Reduction and Other Services Other services that the Office of Sebouh Gourjian provides are expunction/sealing of records, bond reduction/reinstatement motions, First Appearance, jail visits, background checks, reinstatement of driver’s licenses, and bond forfeitures/remission motions.  We also prepare and conduct post-conviction matters like 3.850 - Ineffective Assistance of Counsel, and motions to modify or clarify sentence.   In order to expunge or seal your record, you must have an adjudication withheld or have the charges dropped (No Info, Nolle Prosequi or Not Guilty verdict).  We will provide you with all the necessary documents to fill out, file your petition and draft the final order.  For bond reduction motions, we may have to be retained on the case in order to conduct the bond reduction/reinstatement. For First Appearance (24’s or 72’s in Collier County) or visit someone at the jail, there may be a nominal fee.